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Kids' Advocacy Place

Stopping Child Abuse    -    One Child at a Time


Kids' Advocacy Place, as its primary function, conducts approximately 200 forensic interviews related to physical or sexual child abuse every year.  With three full- time staff members, we work with Police Departments and Sheriff's Offices, Child Protective Services, and prosecutors to gather forensic information for possible prosecution of child abuse cases.  Most, if not all of our requests for forensic interviews come from Law Enforcement agencies or the Department of Family Protective Services.  Secondarily to the interviews, KAP diligently tracks all cases until they are closed or finalized through the legal process, and at times, helps prosecutors prepare alleged victims for court when needed.  

KAP's counseling program, started when former crisis counselor Max Swafford was hired, is geared to provide crisis counseling following the forensic interview. Swafford’s background was in crisis intervention and fit very well with KAP’s desire to offer in-house counseling support.  Additional follow-up counseling sessions with the alleged victim and non-offending family members can be made available when circumstances warrant.  Aside from providing related material to educate the family on topics associated with child abuse and recovery, this service can also provide an initial evaluation of the presence and level of trauma involved with the alleged victim and/or other family members.  Should long-term counseling or therapy be needed, particularly those requiring medications or special care, outside referrals will be made to the appropriate resources in the community.


In compliance with Texas Family Code, KAP coordinates monthly meetings of the area's Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), which is made up of law enforcement, child protective services, sexual abuse nurse examiners, prosecutors, counselors and other related professionals. This multi-faceted team helps KAP track all sexual abuse cases in our five-county target area, participates in case reviews, provides updates, and establishes ongoing, case-related networking and support for its members.


KAP has provided educational programs in area schools in the past, but as of 2012, it expanded its influence by joining forces with HCC’s educational primary prevention program that addresses bullying.  This program, is a compilation of the best ideas presented by three existing programs aimed at the problem.  Designed to impact 5th graders, the program gives them tools so they can model new behaviors for their elementary underclassmen, and eventually carry the positive “no bullying” messages forward as they progress into middle school.  

All KAP programs are constantly being evaluated for upgrades and improvements, in keeping with the overall goal of providing our target communities with the best possible forensic and support services available.

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