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Kids' Advocacy Place

Stopping Child Abuse    -    One Child at a Time


In 1998, a small group of concerned, forward-thinking Hill Country citizens put a great deal of effort into establishing a non-profit organization to better serve abused and neglected children and their families.  It was to be a highly-specialized center, set forth by Texas Family Code, where law enforcement and child protective agencies could bring abused children to record forensic interviews with trained professionals.  These recorded interviews, done in a child-friendly environment, were designed to keep the children from having to repeat their story over and over to various investigators. From that initial effort, those same individuals became the founding board for KIDS' ADVOCACY PLACE (KAP), an advocacy center that served children in five surrounding counties, including Kerr, Kendall, Bandera, Kimble, and Gillespie.


From very humble beginnings in a small house at 1300 East Main in Kerrville, KAP has slowly but steadily improved its ability to help children and their families who suffer the broad effects of physical or sexual abuse, or severe neglect.  KAP is currently one of 63 such centers in Texas, and is quite proud of its new, much-improved home on Leslie Drive in Kerrville.


In 2008, KAP reached a landmark point in its tenth anniversary as they reported over 1,950 child victims and approximately 1,300 non-offending family members were served at KAP in its first decade of existence.  Those totals not only highlighted the wisdom of those founding citizens, they also underlined the disturbing need for a facility like Kids' Advocacy Place.  

In 2009, KAP went through additional changes. A new Lead Forensic Interviewer came on board and Judy Sullivan, KAP Executive Director, became the Executive Director of Hill Country Cares (HCC).  Judy brought KAP under the auspices of HCC’s managerial structures and appointed a new KAP Coordinator. Though some of our educational program staff has changed over time, KAP and HCC have always maintained a small but very capable staff.


Since mid- 2009, KAP has offered the services of three trained in-house forensic interviewers -- one female and two males.  Additionally, KAP has a wonderful volunteer who has been helping us in many ways so we can keep up with the daily demands of forensic interviews, case follow-ups, and helping our victim's families in their search for resources. 

As we entered 2010, KAP’s reputation had grown to reflect quality professionalism and an eagerness to help.  Under Judy Sullivan’s continuing support, the staff is constantly working to enhance and improve the interview process and expand supportive services. KAP's client services currently provide professional forensic interviews, on-site crisis counseling and short-term evaluative counseling, support and referrals for crime victim's compensation, referrals to other social services, case tracking, as well as helping prepare victims for trial, accompanying them to court, or assisting them in writing victim impact statements when requested by prosecutors.  KAP also works closely with law enforcement, child protective services, and other partner agencies to foster a cohesive effort to help the most vulnerable members of our community.


By 2014, KAP's current facility is striving to become a state of the art center for forensic interviews with Brent Ives as its new coordinator. KAP continues to improve services, upgrade technology and utilizes training programs and peer review to stay current in the field.  Our ability to do this important work is due to the great help we get from local foundations, other agencies, and private donations from the general public.  Our staff is well-trained, knowledgeable of related issues, and dedicated to helping children and their families stop abuse while assisting their search for healing and recovery.  As long as there are children being abused and we have a community that CARES, Kids' Advocacy Place will be taking the first critical steps to end child abuse, one child at a time.

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